The Jones Law Firm P.A.

When is it a good time to represent yourself in the legal system? The answer is never, and we're not just saying that because we are a law office. The Jones Law Firm P.A. knows the law and how it works and offers . . . "Personalized, Caring Service, Dedicated Representation!"

Our law office is here to help you when you are facing the court system. Representing yourself is a very risky step. Handling evidence properly so it can be submitted, knowing what to submit, when and how, can have a dramatic effect on your case if not followed precisely. Facing the opposition in the courtroom is a daunting prospect, something with which our law office has years of experience. The Jones Law Firm P.A. offers you a family run, personal law service to assist you to a successful win in your case.

For anything legal, speak first to a professional. Our law office represents clients for many cases from personal injury to criminal. Call The Jones Law Firm P.A. in Greenville, NC at 252-758-1212 today and have peace of mind as you face the court system.

Serving Pitt County

The Jones Law Firm P.A. in Greenville, NC offers you legal services for everything from real estate disputes to criminal defense. Our law office offers you legal assistance with DWI, traffic violation, college student offenses, child custody, and more. Call 252-758-1212 to find out more about our available services:

* Expungement
* Traffic Violation Representation
* DWI Representation
* College Student Offense Representation
* Estate Planning
* Divorce Proceedings
* Child Custody Proceedings
* Personal Injury Claims
* Domestic Violence Offense Representation
* Disorderly Conduct Representation

The Jones Law Firm P.A.
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The Jones Law Firm P.A.

Our Mission: To make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.